Schools, colleges and universities face a vast range of risks, at home and away.

Ever mindful of their enhanced duty of care, educational establishments are asking Pharos to provide specialist security consultancy and incident response support.  This is becoming increasingly popular for independent schools, but also for Academies and other schools where Local Authorities are less able to provide the same degree of support that they once could.  We provide specialist advice regarding school on-site and visit security, as well as safety and other compliance matters relating to educational visits, especially the more adventurous and overseas ones.

Our School Security System provides an invaluable framework to benchmark and audit school security.

Pharos School Security System

The Pharos team have worked at a senior level in educational travel and security and have seen the considerable shift in regulation, guidance and trends over the last 20 years. We have sadly had to work on some tragic incidents involving student groups in the UK and overseas and understand the specific challenges schools and colleges face in the immediate aftermath of a critical incident.

If your school would benefit from external expertise to support and bolster its security and critical incident response, we offer discounted rates to all education establishments.

Please call us on our non-emergency number 01183 800140 for more information.