AIM On Target

We are delighted to have featured in the recent issue of Activity Industry Mutual’s (AIM) newsletter called ‘On Target‘.

AIM is a leading insurance mutual for the adventure activities sector and Pharos supports a large number of its client Members with 24/7 incident response support. The On Target article explains why it is beneficial to have specialist support immediately available for those times when you really need assistance.  No one ever plans to have a major incident but we should all plan to respond to them. 

Fortunately, most business owners and senior managers don’t get much opportunity to practise handling critical incidents. The Pharos team deal with incidents of all kinds on a reasonably regular basis, there is now rarely a day goes by where the emergency phones don’t ring !  The article outlines how AIM as an insurance provider values the impact our intervention and experience can have on supporting their client Members in responding to an incident.  

Over the years we’ve been able to demonstrate that our intervention in major incidents has helped to reduce the impact on the people directly involved in the incident, on the staff responding to it and on the reputation of the organisation involved as well as to reduce the likelihood of subsequent legal challenges. 


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