Educational Visits Advisory Service


A comprehensive and integrated service to enhance educational visit safety whilst also reducing potential liability issues and saving teacher time.  


Multi Academy Trust leaders have been asking Pharos to assist them with a number of offsite visit issues:

  • Potential liability issues caused by inconsistent visit sign-off by different schools within the MAT with potential liability exposure.
  • Wasted valuable colleague time caused by confusion over ‘red tape’, compliance and conflicting advice.
  • Different visit management IT systems used across the MAT.
  • Executive Boards unclear how they would cope in a critical incident.







The Pharos Response Educational Visits Advisory Service (EVAS) can support your MAT in the following ways:

  1. Unlimited trips and visits advice for compliance, risk management and H&S from a dedicated Educational Visits Adviser who is also backed up by a team of specialists with experience and qualifications in nearly all the trips you could possibly consider!
  2. Best practice policies and procedures implemented, specific to your schools, to help ensure consistent MAT-wide compliance. This can include the introduction of a ‘Learning Zone’, allowing teachers to safely take their class out of school at short notice with no additional paperwork to pre-approved locations.
  3. Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC) and Visit Leader training.  Professional training for colleagues who have designated responsibility for visit planning and sign-off .
  4. Optional 24/7 critical incident support from experienced incident handlers who can provide immediate practical support and advice to the visit leaders at the scene, as well as more strategic advice to the SLT. The wider 24/7 team includes crisis communications and PR professionals, social media gurus, trauma counsellors and operational risk management and health & safety specialists. The help you need help is only a call away.
  5. Optional visit planning IT system designed in partnership with the Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel with direct links to National Guidance for educational visits and to LOtC Quality Badge and AALA License holders. It offers a single log-in for central MAT staff and a user-friendly platform for individual Visit Leaders to save them time. Of course we can also work with your existing visit planning system if you prefer.



Benefits for the MAT Board

  • Evidencing good practice to help reduce liability
  • Confidence, governance and consistent trip sign-off and safety processes across all schools
  • Saving valuable colleague time allowing them to focus on teaching and other core functions rather than administration and compliance
  • Single advice consistent source for all schools across the MAT
  • Consistent MAT-wide sign-off process
  • Scalable solution that can easily be adopted by new schools as the MAT grows
  • Access to specialist second opinions for more complex/higher risk trips
  • Invaluable support in the event of a major incident
  • Personal service from a named and dedicated senior Adviser who is an accredited member of the national Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel (OEAP).

Benefits for each Academy

  • More efficient system and process for planning and approving trips and visits
  • Access to day-to-day expert visit advice and support for EVCs whenever needed
  • ‘Learning Zone’ concept enables colleagues freedom to conduct spur-of-the-moment visits/fixtures to pre-approved sites without any trip specific red tape or approvals required
  • Additional EVC support to help ensure trips can happen that may otherwise not have been possible
  • Unique insights to the school trip provider sector, helping with selection and due diligence of tour operators and adventurous activity providers
  • Evidence of compliance to good practice, should it ever be required
  • Support and CPD training for busy EVCs and Visit Leaders
  • Evidence for Headteachers that EVCs and Visit Leaders have followed due process
  • Specific interpretation of current National Guidance and how it applies to individual visits.