Leap VIP – incident support for gap year and independent travellers 

About to head off on a gap year or know someone who is and worried who would be able to help if the going got tough?


Lost your passport and not sure what to do?

Worried about a violent demonstration outside your hostel?

Unsure whether to contact a doctor or not and if your travel insurance will cover this? 

You’re in a club and think your drink has been spiked?

Got yourself into a dangerous situation and unsure how to get out?

You’ve had a positive Coronavirus test and not sure what to do.


Many people don’t want to worry family or know they would not be able to help in any of the above scenarios. You might not be able to reach your travel company when you need them most. No need to worry as Pharos Response will always be there, like a bodyguard in your pocket.

How it works

Pharos Response provides 24/7 telephone travel safety and personal security advice for independent travellers. We have experience of advising in all of the above scenarios and many, many more.  You will have access to a team of highly experienced professional incident managers who can provide practical advice and support to help maintain your safety while far from home.


If you need to call, our incident managers will calmly talk you through your immediate priorities to make you safe, answer any questions you may have and explain what will happen next.  They will then carry out any supporting actions such as raise the alarm with local emergency services, inform your gap year provider if relevant, update your emergency contacts if agreed necessary and open a case with your travel insurer if helpful. They will continue to check in on you and always be just a call away to support you until you are back on track. 

Choose to subscribe for a whole year or for 28 days and you will receive your emergency phone number that you can call anytime from any phone for immediate assistance. You can call Pharos anytime, whether you’re still traveling the world, at Uni or on home turf, which also provides around-the-clock peace of mind for loved ones at home.

The team at Pharos Response are well known amongst the adventure travel sector as being the experts in incident management and crisis response.  Most incident managers have uniformed service experience and have travelled in some of the most inhospitable places in the world.   They have also been advising schools and universities on how to manage Coronavirus risks and how to respond to positive cases.  So who better to have a phone call away while on your gap year to call for support in the unlikely event you find yourself in an emergency situation?


What it costs

Annual subscription: Usually £195 The Leap discount price: £135

28-day subscription: Usually £125  The Leap discount price: £85


Book now

Register here.  Alternatively, call us on +44(0)1183 800 140 or email info@pharos-response.co.uk but don’t forget to mention Leap VIP to qualify for your discount!