School Security Audits and Critical Incident Training

Security related incidents are on the increase in schools. Could you do more to reduce the likelihood of a major on-site incident?  
If the worst did happen, could you be better prepared to respond effectively, keep your people safe and your school’s reputation intact?  The Pharos School Security System (SSS) is used to build upon the school’s existing security arrangements to help protect the students, staff and school reputation.

Security Audit

School discount price: £2000  SAVING £1,000!

  • Policy review – a detailed review of your current policies, procedures and security arrangements.
  • In school survey and security audit – a site visit and tour to establish school specific priorities, threats, challenges and potential weaknesses.
  • Report and procedure templates – includes practical advice and template documents covering premises layout, alarms and monitoring systems, access control, visitor management, restricted access (‘lockdown’) procedures, emergency communications, emergency service liaison, trips and visits, VIP security, social media management and crisis response plans.

Simulation training exercise

School discount price: £1,350  SAVING £700!

A realistic, school-based desktop scenario exercise presents an unfolding critical incident for your SLT to respond to.  We use actors who call into the school to add realism and the whole process will highlight the challenges the team will face and any development areas or process gaps, all within a safe environment.  This can be delivered as an extended ‘twilight session’ to help ensure availability of key colleagues.


Benefits to your school

  • Keeping pupils and staff safer
  • Duty of care assurance
  • Peace of mind
  • SLT better prepared for anything
  • Senior staff professional development
  • Immediate 24/7 incident support
  • Reputation protection
  • Specialist validation of policies and procedures


Our specialist team

Pharos’ experienced team specialise 
in providing schools with a range of security and safety services. Having worked in and with schools for many years, we understand 
the unique needs and challenges faced
in educational settings.  Our team is made up of former police and military security professionals involved in planning the security of schools and major events as large as the London Olympics, Commonwealth Games and Formula 1 races.

Our team will help you to identify and manage risks in school grounds or off-site, such as on trips and visits in the UK or overseas.  Our advice regarding dealing with threats and acts of terrorism and how this affects school trips has been extensively used by schools from all over the world.  To read this advice, please see our new article here.

Next steps

If you’d like to discuss how the Security Audit and Incident Training can work in your MAT around your specific needs, please get in touch.

“The team delivered exactly the right tone with a measured and effective approach focussing on some real nuggets of useful information and activity.”  Harrow School

“A very useful and well delivered session – thank you.” Abingdon School