A crisis management plan is a great start but it is essential that your team know how to implement it before it is actually needed.  What happens when the press turn up at the office in a live broadcast van? What happens if crisis strikes in the middle of the night when the main people in the organisation can’t be reached?

Pharos Response helps improve your own readiness for critical incidents and crises through auditing your current preparedness, training your staff and then assessing your systems and procedures though simulated exercises.

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Pharos Response can review your crisis management and communication plans, adding our expertise where required.  Typically this is done either prior to delivering training or in response to the training & testing highlighting weaknesses in the current plan.  If required, we can provide tried and tested template plans and help integrate these within your organisation.


We deliver bespoke critical incident training packages with interactive presentations and workshops to engage and focus minds on the ‘what if’.  Typically this may cover topics such as: how to write a crisis plan, how to implement your crisis plan, what do we mean by a crisis, how to manage a crisis, how to manage the media, facing the press and stakeholder communications.  Our specialised ‘facing the media’ training helps your PR staff and spokesperson prepare for their specific roles and includes televised interviews.

We also offer preventative training, such as:

  • tailored safeguarding courses for activity leaders, tutors and others who don’t have specific safeguarding responsibilities.
  • Offsite Safety Management training courses that are externally accredited and tailored to youth work, education or overseas travel.


Depending on your situation and requirements, we can test your crisis systems and procedures through desk-top exercises or via real-time simulations.  Both involve bespoke, realistic scenarios your organisation may face and will be very hands on.

The simulations really do feel life-like with journalists calling in while you’re trying to speak with parents of injured parties and liaising with the Authorities.  They are not intended to catch you out, simply to give you a feel for what the real thing can be like and identify any learning points.  The scenarios will be created to suit your organisation’s operation and we will provide a team of experienced role players who will take on the guise of your various stakeholders.   A great test for even the most experienced of crisis teams.

Desk-top exercises work in a similar way but the scenario prompts a team discussion about how you would respond/handle the situation as the scenario unfolds.  These are more useful for teams who have only recently set up their crisis response procedures and team.

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Thanks for a great workshop!  We were really impressed by the day, and the detailed research and preparation that went into it.  The role play phone calls were the highlight; they were incredibly realistic and beneficial“. Zoe McLean, Director A to Z Expeditions


“Well done!  This is the best training I have done for a long time” Bob Edwards, General Manager of Stubbers Adventure Centre