(COVID-19): School Phone Line

Pharos Response is renowned for its robust 24/7 incident support service accessed via a helpline manned by experienced professionals (not call centre staff).  At the request of client schools, this service has been repurposed to support them in managing inbound calls while partially closed. This avoids the need to staff the school office.

Our team can then take messages and pass them on to the most appropriate staff working either at home or in school without the need to give away their direct contact details to callers.  Our enterprise-level telephony solutions have seen no down time whatsoever since the beginning of the crisis: they are robust and remotely managed with several layers of built-in protection and enterprise-level telephone server technology.  What’s more, our Incident Managers are all safeguarding and data protection trained, and are experienced in managing some of the most sensitive calls.


Here’s how it works –

  • Your normal school switchboard number diverts to a new dedicated Pharos number that will enable our team to identify it and treat it differently from our other incident calls.
  • During school/office hours, our telephone server would direct the call so it is answered by one of our office team (working at home) who would attempt to assist the caller if they could (for example with any signposting to current NHS advice, the school website, providing immediate safety/security advice etc). If a school response was required quickly, we would contact a nominated school contact/s by telephone and relay the message and any advice provided, otherwise this message could be passed on by email as pre-agreed at point of set-up.
  • Out of school / office hours, the caller would leave an answerphone message which would be recorded and emailed automatically by our telephone server to our 24/7 Incident Managers. An Incident Manager would then process the message, triage the severity/immediacy of it and either call nominated school contact if necessary (based upon their judgement) or simply forward it by email for follow up during school hours.


If you have business continuity insurance cover, you may be able to claim for associated costs.


For details and fees, please email info@pharos-response.co.uk

or call +44(0)1183 800 140