Risk and reputation management support for tour operators.

We’ve all seen the news clips of bus crashes, natural disasters, kidnaps and transport disruptions and the impact this can have on the associated brands.

We all hope it won’t happen to us, ever conscious that in the travel industry there is a minefield of possible crises waiting to lurk, often completely out of our control.

The Pharos team have managed a range of crises including ones that hit the headlines, working with organisations ranging from the world’s largest travel company through to a tiny charity. We understand your business challenges and the implications of remotely managing a crisis overseas. You may be interested to know that we have a team on standby who can travel at short notice to the scene of any major incident to provide field support as required, from operational and logistical coordination to counselling.

So whether your organisation is an adventure travel business, a school travel company, a destination specific or boutique travel agency or whether you’re selling safaris, activity holidays or expeditions, we’ll be able to support you just when you need us most.