New 24/7 incident response partnership with EVOLVEAdvice

Pharos Response are delighted to have set up a partnership with EVOLVEAdvice. A well regarded name amongst schools for providing guidance, advice, training and support for educational visits.  The partnership with Pharos will offer EVOLVEAdvice’s client schools the complete educational visit support solution with the option to access Pharos Response’s 24/7 incident support service.

Available to EVOLVEAdvice customers for a discounted price, the Pharos 24/7 incident support service enables schools to call upon expert assistance any time from anywhere in the world. Whether on a school trip or visit, on the school site or indeed regarding any incident connected to the school, our team can provide assistance.

The Pharos incident team have supported schools through all kinds of incidents, not just those relating to educational visits.  These have ranged from serious parental complaints involving the press and social media, blackmail attempts to coach crashes, tragic student fatalities and suicides and serious safeguarding breaches. Schools are supported with immediate access to practical, experienced incident managers, crisis PR and stakeholder communications specialists, social media ‘gurus’, trauma counsellors and health and safety professionals. This service provides valuable peace of mind when it isn’t needed and can be life or reputation saving when it is.

Julian Penney of Pharos Response said ‘I have been impressed with the professionalism and expertise provided by Evolve and EvolveAdvice for many years.  The work they have done to support thousands of schools to improve the benefits of educational visits whilst reducing risks is fantastic.  Pharos and EvolveAdvice are a good fit, offering their school clients an integrated and holistic service offering.  We look forward to working with Jake and the team in this partnership.’

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