Christmas with an important difference

Usually at this time of year, we’d be in the office, writing cards, munching mince pies, chocolates and perhaps a cheeky mulled wine.  Not this year.  Like the rest of the year, this year’s Christmas preparations are different. But not all in a bad way…

Instead of handwriting cards, sticking envelopes and stamps to wish our clients and contacts a Merry Christmas, this year we’ve gone digital and will be sending an e-card. Better for the environment, less risk of spreading this wretched virus around but most importantly, better because we’re able to help a charity close to our hearts, Rainbow Trust.

Going digital means we’ve been able to put the money we would usually spend on printing and posting the cards to good use by donating it to the amazing Rainbow Trust charity that helps support families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.  Now we’ve all had a tough year and the Pharos team are well used to dealing with challenging situations (this year has taken even us to new levels), but the mere thought of terminally ill children having to spend their most precious time living with the added challenges presented by COVID is simply heart-breaking.  Not being able to see all their friends and family or to do the things they want to do most.

Supporting the Rainbow Trust has helped us to keep things in perspective. No matter how challenging things may seem, there is always someone who is going through something even tougher and we should all be collectively strong for them, so while it’s been a hard year for everyone, there is still a huge amount to be thankful for.

We love Christmas at Pharos and our wish for this year is that while we are all within our respective bubbles, munching mince pies, chocolates and a glass or two of mulled wine, that more people spare a thought for others in different, less fortunate bubbles and to also do a little something to help them.  If COVID has taught us anything, it is to #bekind to others.

If we don’t speak with you before, Merry Christmas and have a very happy and safe New Year.