DfE guidance on school security & lockdown

While we wait for the consultation process to be completed on the Government’s new Security Guidance for Schools, we thought schools may benefit from the key highlights we extracted from the draft document earlier in the year in case you are planning on doing some work on this over the summer holidays. The draft document can be found here.

Key highlights from the DfE’s Security Guidance for school leaders, school staff, governing boards and local authorities:

1. Security management – approach the management of security in a similar way to managing H&S. They should be managed alongside each other by a competent person following a structured approach.

2. Planning – it is important schools have a security policy and plan that includes both onsite and offsite risks.

3. Training – schools need to provide training for all staff of the security policy and plan, as well as raise awareness for pupils.

4. Security assessments – a structured approach should be taken to assessing security risks (in a similar way to other H&S risks) with documented assessments carried out.

5. Lockdown procedures – schools should have suitable procedures in place which are sufficiently dynamic to respond to different threats.

6. Educational recovery – prior consideration should have been given with plans in place that will assist schools to return to educational normality as smoothly as possible.

7. The DfE have also provided a brief guidance update about Controlling Access to School Premises and barring and removing unwanted individuals from school premises, available here.

If you require any assistance in delivering any element of this guidance, Pharos Response can help. Our school security reviews, audits, training, scenario exercises and consultancy services all all in line with this new guidance (and was before it existed!) and we’d be delighted to help answer any questions you may have.

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